About The Church

The Mission

“Lord give me this water, that I may not thirst” (Jn: 4. 15) The mission of Voice of Peace Ministry is self explaining by name itself. We want to bring the voices of peace in today’s world th

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Perhaps, Voice of Peace Ministry is a shadow of New Evangaliztion which Holy Mother the Church refelcts these days in the contempory culture and situation. We have come together for the purpose spirit

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Safeguarding Children

  Voice of Peace Ministry in association with the Diocese of Kildare & Leighlinvalues and encourages the participation of children and young people in all aspects of retreats and

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Leader’s Voice

It is with great joy, I introduce and say a few words about Voice of Peace ministry. Voice of Peace ministry is a group of Indian Priests, conscecrated people and laity live in Ireland who are deeply rooted in the Scripture and the Magisterium. The objective of Voice of peace ministry is to impart right motivation and spiritual values based on Catholic faith to the future generation. In the last few years a couple of thousand young catholic families have migrated to Ireland from Kerala, India. Voice of peace Ministry sees that the religious values with which Indians were brought up as important if not more than their ethinic identity. Indian Values and religiocity those are to be handed down to their next generation is also our purpose. Thus we decided to form the Voice of Peace Ministry which would cater to the religious education and spiritual growth of the children of the migrant families. At present we reamin under Kildare and Laughline Diocese helps us and guides in our all unde

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